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"Making sure your website is within everyone's reach"

When a brand new website is in the process of being created, it's important to make sure it is accessible to everyone who wants to use it.

Different people have different needs, and this is something that everyone here at Ecreate is passionate about. It is our job to make sure that every single site we build is accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities.

We have extensive experience designing websites that appeal on many different levels, and making sure everyone can make use of every site we create is part of why we are here. It's one of the reasons we stand out from our competition, both in Perth, Western Australia and in the world as a whole.

In Australia you are required by law to make sure your website meets with the guidelines set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This task is something that should be taken on by a professional team of graphic designers and programmers that understands those needs, has extensive experience of meeting those needs, and is the best in the business.

If you are located in Australia and planning to have a website developed, it is highly recommended that you read this document: World Wide Web Access: Disability Discrimination Act Advisory Notes. Ecreate goes to great lengths to ensure that every website we develop meets the recommendations set out in this document.

Having a website that is easy to use isn't just about making it look good and ensuring the layout is easy to understand. It's also about making it equally valuable in a number of different situations - for example, depending on whether the person using the site can see or hear what is included.

That's where the knowledgeable people at Ecreate can make sure your brand new website meets all the accessibility requirements that are described on the website.

We'll make sure that if the striking images cannot be seen for any reason there is suitable text visible to describe that image instead. We can also include an audio message to make that information known to people who can't see the text or the image. Even the size of the text used can make a big difference to how many people can make full use of your website.

Not everyone realises the full effect that these values can have on your business. Whatever part of the world you are in, your aim should be to have the best and most user friendly website possible. Imagine becoming known for being the best of the best. That's exactly what Ecreate can help you achieve.

A big part of making sure your business appeals to as many people as possible is making sure that the whole spectrum of society can access and use your website in as many different ways as possible. Not only does it increase your potential audience, it also means you are safely complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that have been designed to give everyone access to the internet.

Our expert team of designers are well versed with what this document means for both designers and website owners, and we have extensive experience of putting this knowledge into practice, with successful results.

It's clear that your first task in creating an accessible website is to get in touch with us here at Ecreate.

We can take care of the rest.

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