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Flash and 3D Technologies

"21st century solutions for the new age in websites"

If you've never considered having flash integrated into your website before, perhaps now is the time to do so.

Flash has the ability to transform any website from a page filled with static images into a moving and interactive experience that provides more interest for your visitors - persuading them to stay longer as a result.

Flash is suitable for many common target markets, but it has particular appeal to corporate markets (due to having broadband access to the internet, which helps with faster loading times) and to teenagers, who appreciate the added element of interactivity with a website.

Here is just a taster of what flash applications can do for you:

  • Add a flash header to a static website to add interest and attract attention
  • Use it to benefit and enhance e-learning applications
  • You can own a full flash website that pulls in even more visitors thanks to its increased interactivity

Flash is an excellent way to pique the interest of visitors, and when it is used creatively it can transform a good website into an outstanding one.

That's where the graphic designers at Ecreate in Perth, Western Australia come in. You can take advantage of our years of expertise and experience at building websites using the most up to date flash technology.

Flash used to be frowned on by the search engines, but that is no longer the case. So why not take advantage of the experienced flash developers we have at our fingertips and see how flash can transform your website?

Remember - it's not just what you use but how you use it that really counts. Talk to us today and let's share some ideas on how flash can work for you.


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